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About the Web Design Eastbourne Blog

Web Design Eastbourne blog is owned by Scripted Art, a web design company based in Eastbourne. We created this blog to help prospective clients and anyone interested in web site design. Giving detailed information about the various facets of web design from the initial design process through to development, SEO, site maintenance and security. We hope you find it useful.

What is Schema?

What is Schema? So what is schema? Schema, in SEO terms, is a set of descriptive terms created for search engine web crawlers and it gives them more detail about a web page. It was set up by google, Microsoft (Bing), Yahoo and Yandex (the Chinese search giant) and was...

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What is SEO?

  What is SEO? So many times as a businessman looking to unleash your brand on the internet you will often come across the acronym SEO. So exactly what is SEO? Well it stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is a complex practice to optimise a website for search...

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Protect Your WordPress Site

  WordPress is the number one CMS platform on the web today and is said to be used for about 27% of the websites. Hackers will always attempt to attack popular platforms as it is more worth their time looking for weaknesses in their armour. However often popular...

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